How Brand Consistency Benefits Your Law Firm

Strong brand consistency is key to creating a top-ranking law firm in today’s legal landscape.  

Building a long-lasting, recognizable brand can seem difficult at first, but through consistent actions, your law firm can soon become a household name. 

What is brand consistency? 

Brand consistency is more than your business’ logo, tagline, website, and branding colors. Brand consistency is your image and the heart of your firm. It represents the beliefs and core values your firm stands for and creates the voice of your business. This voice then delivers on your company’s promise through continued success, consistency, and valued communication.  

How Brand Consistency Benefits your Law Firm

Wouldn’t it be great if one simple email blast or funny billboard was enough to make your firm memorable through the years? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Staying consistent in your brand’s message will not only make your firm memorable, but it will make your firm recognizable to a wider audience, build trust throughout the community, and increase revenue for years to come. 

Keys to Consistency

Setting strict systems and brand guidelines in every aspect of your business is the key to brand consistency. Ensure each and every detail of your brand is written in stone and followed so your firm will remain consistent through the years. Make note of: 

  1. Fonts (Uppercase, lowercase, & headlines)
  2. Pantone & Hex Colors
  3. Logo Placement & spacing

Brand Consistency in Marketing Materials

Keeping a consistent schedule in your firm’s marketing efforts are of the utmost importance to maintaining brand consistency: 

  1. Newsletters: Build a professional, well-thought-out template in your firm’s brand colors and send newsletters on a regular basis i.e. weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Make sure all information included in the newsletter is on brand and on trending topics of the day. 
  2. Blogging: Blog posts should be posted on a monthly basis. Not only will blog posts help your firm’s branding efforts, but they’ll also help build search engine optimization (SEO). They’re also great ways to include information on your social media calendar. 
  3. Social Media: Your law firm does not need to share on every social media platform there is, but it should choose the ones most utilized by clients and networking attorneys. Make sure all social media are posted consistently on a schedule and stay on brand. 

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